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Peter von Knorring







Peter von Knorring

Architect S.A.R./M.S.A.

Building conservation consultant


- Professor of Building Conservation at the Royal College of Fine Arts 2004-2009

- Palace Architect at Ulriksdal Palace 1991-2008


The office is mainly working with building conservation projects, for public and private clients, mostly manor houses and villas. We also have experience of hotel and restaurant projects. I have long been personally responsible for the maintenance and development of the 17th century Royal Palace of Ulriksdal, including the park and sixty buildings, i e such well-known buildings as Ulriksdal Palace Chapel, Confidencen Theatre and Ulriksdals Wärdshus restaurant.


I am a specialist in historic building techniques and traditional building materials, as well as building surveys and intervention programmes. I also lecture on these subjects, and I try to apply the old well tested materials and techniques in the new buildings I design, many of them being reconstruction projects or copies of historic buildings.


We work together with other carefully chosen qualified consultants with the necessary experience and education in building conservation. We also have a large network of contacts with experienced contractors, skilled craftsmen and suppliers.


See our reference projects on the Swedish pages.

They are sorted in three categories:


Ulriksdal projects including:

- Reconstruction of Confidencen dining room (published in The World of Interiors).

- Reconstruction of wooden 18th century stage machinery at Confidencen theatre.

- Restoration of the 1865 Palace Chapel, the most popular wedding chapel in Sweden.


Manor houses, for example:

- Conservation projects at Thureholm castle.

- Technically authentic reconstruction of Mälby manor south of Stockholm after a fire.

- Newly built 18th century timbered manor house in Forsvik.

- Newly built 18th century music pavillon at Stålboga manor.


Other projects, mostly:

- Private houses and commercial buildings of historic interest



Contact information:


Postal address: Ytterbystrandsvägen 76 A, SE-185 94 Vaxholm, Sweden

Telephone: +46 70 570 92 31

E-mail: peter[a]